the secret of the olive tree is in its leaves

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What Olife is

“Olife” is a pure and concentrated drink purely made from olive tree leaves.

It is a 100 % pure drink, non-fat and full of beneficial qualities.

How to use Olife

This infusion is preferably used daily.

A small glass (70 ml) of this infusion makes quite a difference if you drink it daily.

You can drink it pure or diluted in fruit juice, water or any other liquid.

Our advice is to use Olife for at least one month; you will then be able to notice the difference.


Olife is a particularly beneficial drink that helps your body where it needs help the most.

Moreover, it positively supports the Cryolipolysis treatments we perform, as Olife offers purifying and detoxifying qualities.

What other qualities does Olife have? 

Slows down the ageing process, is an antioxidant, increases concentration and mental fitness, reduces cellulite, etc…

Where to buy?

The Olife infusion is produced and offered at Evergreenlife.

Our Instituto Carmen Maria always has some 1-liter bottles in stock, but you can also order them very easily from the producer on their webshop.

Click on the link below.

The price per bottle is 30 €.

More benefits (will be translated soon)

Spain’s first crylipolysis clinic

Spain’s first crylipolysis clinic could be your pain-free solution to get that body Mediterranean-ready 

CRYOLIPOLYSIS is a brand-new treatment in Spain that makes fat and cellulite disappear once and for all.

Don’t be afraid: cryolipolysis means the dissolution (-lysis) of fat cells (-lipo) by freezing (cryo-).

The treatment works by lowering the temperature of fat cells, after which they disintegrate and leave the body via the normal channels (urine, etc…).

An amazing 80% of Instituto Carmen Maria customers have seen 2cm reductions in abdominal fat IMMEDIATELY after treatment, and up to 7cm during the following 14 days.

By using different temperatures in combination with adapted cosmetics – in any area of the body – your skin could be made soft, supple and with a slender physique.

Why cryolipolysis?

One of the many existing treaments in Spain attempts to suck out fat cells that have been cooled down until they burst. It’s a painful process. And we don’t use it.

Our Cryo 21, Arctik 21 and Cry Arctic 21 machines from Italian manufacturer Equipment 21 work completely PAIN-FREE. 

We are the very first in Spain to use the cryolipolysis and cryolifting technology in the field of fat removal, and now import the machines for the Valencian region (including Costa Blanca) and Murcia.

How does it work?

Using a specially-designed machine, our specialist Carmen Maria lowers the temperature of fat cells by massaging over desired areas of your skin.  

All this is done in combination with our cosmetic products, which consist of creams, specifically tailored to each type of treatment.

The spectacular results are immediately visible and most of our clients lose at least 3-5cm in the 14 days after one treatment.

Amazing results, indeed, but our tape measure doesn’t lie and the photos we take before and after each treatment speak for themselves!

Remember: all this is without pain, surgery or injections.