What is cryolipolyse

Cryolipolysis is a new therapy to make fat cells and cellulite disappear once and for all.

Cryolipolysis literally means the death (-lysis) of the cells (-lipo) that are cooled down by cold (cryo-).

The treatment lowers the temperature of the fat cells; as a result, they are destroyed and therefore never come back.

Spread over 10 to 14 days, the broken down fat cells are removed from your body through the normal natural channels (urine, lymphs, etc…).

By using different temperatures in combination with adapted cosmetics, the skin is made soft and supple so that it becomes tighter again.

Why choose our method of cryolipolyse?

The earlier methods weren’t very pleasant. 

Older devices sucked the fat cells that were cooled down against the skin until they burst.  That was a painful process. 

So that’s not the technique we use. 

Our devices work completely painlessly and are equipped with the very latest Italian technology.

Our “secreto” is that we are the very first in Spain to use this new innovative technology in the field of fat removal.

It comes down to lowering the temperature of the fat cells by giving a gentle massage with a kind of “stick”.  All this is done in combination with our cosmetics, which consist of creams, specifically tailored to each type of treatment.

The spectacular results are immediately visible and most of our clients lose 3 to 5 centimetres after just one treatment. Amazing results, indeed, but our tape measure doesn’t lie and the photos we take before and after each treatment speak for themselves.  

And all this without pain, surgery or injections, without unpleasant or painful suction techniques.