FAQ, Frequently asked questions

No, the treatment doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not about surgery, injections or sucking in the skin.
The treatment is given by means of a gentle massage which cools down the area to be treated.

Yes, they can’t come back because we destroyed them; they don’t exist anymore after our treatment.

Yes, a large part of our clients are men. They are also very welcome with us for the various treatments we offer.

You may expect to lose 2 to 7 cm in size if the treatment involves renewal of local fat on the abdomen or stomach area. 80 % of our customers have this result.
During 10 to 14 days, the result becomes more and more visible as the body eliminates the destroyed cells. Usually a few centimetres are still lost.

The number of treatments you need to achieve your goal will only become clear once you have had your first treatment.
After all, there are many different factors that play a role.
For some people the difference between how they are now and how they want to look is very big, for others it is much less pronounced.
Some people also react faster to our treatments than others.
Rest assured: our treatments really work.

The price for a treatment to destroy local fat is  120 €.  Other treaments start from  35 €
Look for more details per type of treatment on our page: Treatments and prices

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