Infrared therapeutic sauna from Health Mate

Instituto Carmen Maria

Instituto Carmen Maria now also has a therapeutic infrared sauna from Health Mate.

You can come and enjoy the beneficial infrared heat.
For one session you pay € 30, for six sessions € 150.
You can also buy your own sauna; from €3,985 delivery and installation included.

Your skin
   becomes (again) radiant and soft through the production of collagen.  Wrinkles and scars are reduced.

Slimming, detoxing and anti-cellulite:
   Waste products are disposed off quickly and efficiently.  Your immune system is strengthened.

Good for your heart:
    A session of Health Mate sauna is comparable to a cardiovascular workout.
    Even people with heart problems can safely work on their condition with our infrared saunas.

Muscles and joints:
   Infrared heat at 6340 nm has a beneficial effect on muscles (less muscle pain) and joints (less stiffness).

Less stress, more energy:
   The radiation penetrates deep into your body, relaxes your muscles and gives oxygen to your cells.

You can read all the information, prices, testimonials and medical reports on this website: Health Mate.

There are many infrared heaters, but only one infrared therapeutic sauna.

Only the Health Mate sauna has (patented) infrared panels with a radiation range of 6340 nanometers.  

This radiation is a perfect and natural match for our body.

Grupo La Rosa Blanca is an official distributor of Health Mate saunas.

You can have your own sauna as from €3,985, including delivery and installation.

Click here to go to the Health Mate website.